WordPress is a popular website building tool originally made to create blogs and other writing sites. Currently, WordPress is commonly used to create flexible and quickly designed website that are easily maintained using programs called “Plugins.” WordPress can create very impressive websites that can be customized through a combination of PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript.

To start your website you will need a “domain” address. These domains are used as the primary way in which visitors will find your website. The other requirement needed in a “hosting” server. These can be found through sites like GoDaddy and Host Gator for example. These providers cost a monthly (or annually) amount to keep available for people to visit.

When picking out a hosting server, if you plan on using WordPress, it is important to pick one that is a “Linx” based server so your wordpress website runs smoothly and does not crash due to updates and changes. WordPress can work on a windows based server but requires constent changes and coding by a professional programmer in order to keep it functional.

It is recommended to have both the domain and the hosting server in your name or business. This is important because, should you want to move your website to another hosting provider or switch designers, you can easily move the website files to your new hosting server or switch to your new designer without strings attached. Also, should you not do this and you want something changed on your website, your designer may not be reachable due to any number of things. With the website and everything in your name you can easily find someone else to make those changes for you without being locked out of your own website.

When you first load install WordPress onto your hosting server, you will start off with a very basic website which can customize right away.