What are overlays?

Overlays are on-screen graphics made for the use in videos or live streaming. These graphics are usually transparent PNGs or non-transparent JPGs. Common overlays consist of a graphic around the live camera feed depicting the streamer (Twitch.tv), graphics that appear (both permanently or temporary) during the video/stream, and also include other graphics like: banners, avatars, info boxes found on the YouTuber’s or Streamer’s page.

Overlays are the brand identity of the content creator. Much like a logo is the public identity of a business, overlay graphics help in giving your audience an idea of what type of stream they can expect to experience. Although overlay graphics are not required to stream on Twitch or make videos on YouTube, they help you stand out among other content creators.

What do you need from me?

The requirements from you is simple. What kind of theme are you going for? For example, it could be based off your favorite video game, personal activity, color, and/or your personality.

What resolution are you streaming at? This can be found in your settings panel in OBS (Open Broadcasting Software), Xsplit, or other similar video recording software. Also, places like Twitch and YouTube have recommended resolutions you should be streaming/recording video. Twitch, for example, recommend streaming at 1280 by 720 pixels. This doesn’t mean you can’t stream higher then this, like 1920 by 1080, but it must be the same height and width ratio to avoid black bars on the side of your video. All overlay graphics will be based off this resolution to minimize scaling issues.

How do I use my overlay graphics?

There are great tutorials online that will walk you through the process of adding images to live and pre-recorded video. It also depend on how your software uses those images.

How long does it take create my overlay?

Should you know exactly what your looking for in a theme, color and size: one to three days. The less you know of what you want and how big the project is will dictate the length of the project.

Ok. How much will this cost?

For simple design, it can cost around $25. The more involved overlays can cost easily $200 or more.

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